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Russ Segner's "Coal Creek Lumber Company"

All photographs by Russ Segner unless noted otherwise


The Sn3 Coal Creek Lumber Company is a freelanced logging and mining line.   The layout is built around the perimeter of a 19' x 16' room.  Set in the 1930's traffic consists primarily of moving logs from a reload to a large mill complex at Coal Creek .  There is also some mining activity along the line.

The layout features hand laid track, 28" minimum radius curves and grades in excess of 4%.  The locomotive roster includes 6 geared locomotives a C-17 and a C-18.  While the geared locomotives are lettered for the Coal Creek Lumber Company, the rod locomotives are lettered for the connecting D&RGW.


Shay #13 rests between assignments next to the large sawmill at Coal Creek.  The saw mill is scratch built and will feature a full compliment of machinery.  The log dump can be seen in the back-round.  Russ's locomotives are equipped with Tsunami sound systems and he uses Lenz DCC for smooth and reliable operation.

Shay #13 is a PBL  import custom painted and equipped with a Tsunami sound system.  The trailing caboose  is also a PBL brass model of a Westside Lumber Company prototype.  The locomotive and caboose are sitting on a scratch built pile trestle next to the Coal Creek Saw Mill.


Coal Creek Lumber Company #2 has a string of empties headed back to the landing for another load of fresh cut timber.  #2 is a PBL import equipped with DCC and a Tsunami sound system.  This section of the layout was built downstairs in Russ's garage.  When the scene was all but finished, Russ carried the bench work up stairs and installed it around the top of the stair well on a narrow shelf.   Russ used expanding foam and rock molds  from Bragdon Enterprises to achieve the dramatic but light weight scenery in this area.  The grade here is 4.25%

Coal Creek Lumber Company #2 downgrade on its way back to the mill.  Based upon the size of the logs, Coal Creek Lumber must have a good stand of old growth timber available for harvest.
Coal Creek Lumber Company's main yard and shops are located at China Creek where two of the lines locomotives await their respective crew before starting another days work.

#319 provides "connecting" service with the Rio Grande.  Today's train has only a combine in tow, so the grade along Johnston Creek is not much of an obstacle.  The 2-8-0 is a PBL "Foreground" model equipped with DCC and sound.

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